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QMS W (ISO 3834)

The Quality Management System in welding


ISO 3834 Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials


What is a quality system in welding
Standard ISO 3834 specifies requirements for the welding process, which is one of the key technologies in a variety of industries.

The welding process requires to be comply with all requirements since their failure could result impacts on product quality, property and workers health. Requirements for quality management system in welding are stated in ISO 3834 standard. The Certification of quality management system in welding is linked to the quality management system (QMS) certification in according to ISO 9001 standard.

Who is the Quality Management System in welding intended for

QMS in welding is intended for all organization which are dealing with welding. The certification QMS in welding is, in relation on the nature of welded products, possible according to the following standards:

  • ISO 3834-2 (higher level of quality requirements)
  • ISO 3834-3 (middle level of quality requirements)
  • ISO 3834-4 (basic level of quality requirements)

    The benefits of QMS in welding

  • application in areas where the certification in according to ISO 3834 standard is condition of tender - ie. pressure, gas and lifting equipment, steel structures, etc.
  • effective control of weld quality through the proper management of welding processes
  • certified producer performs quality welding process in accordance with requirements of standards
  • certified QMS guarantee the stability of the welding process, and stable and high-quality services and products to customers
  • certification creates conditions for cost optimization in terms of reduction in operating costs, reduce the cost of non-conforming products, savings in raw materials and energy 

Accredited files of QMS - Welding

sequence number Title of field NACE code  
1 C23.6 - Manufacture of articles of concrete, cement and plaster 23.6
2 Výroba betonových výrobků pro stavební účely 23.61
3 Výroba betonu připraveného k lití 23.63
4 C25.1 - Manufacture of structural metal products 25.1
5 Výroba kovových konstrukcí a jejich dílů 25.11
6 F42.1.1 - Construction of roads and motorways 42.11
7 F42.1.3 - Construction of bridges and tunnels 42.13
8 F43.1.1 - Demolition 43.11
9 F43.1.2 - Site preparation 43.12
Non-accredited certification

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