Extending the portfolio of activities and Audis in technical assistance, engineering subjects using the knowledge and skills acquired existing activities. For customers benefit from technological surveillance to ensure the impact on cost savings, timing of contracts and increase product quality. The priority objective is to create conditions for the successful provision of the service personnel with the necessary qualifications and experience who are able to know the technology and customer needs and to deliver expected performance and added value to the customer.

Organismo di certificazione


Quality objectives

1. Permanent to maintain the Certification Body management system in compliance with all requirements of the national accreditation system
2. Continuous to work with all staff and cooperating parties involved in the certification process in order to maintain the high capability to exercise the certification of accredited systems
3 Regularly to inform all certified organizations about changes and state of certification requirements
4 Make the most to use of IT for implementation and management of audits with the objective to minimize written form of audit records and effective communication with customers.
5. Continuously to update the Company website and other information materials
6. Continuously monitor market requirements for certification of management systems
7. Expand the portfolio of activities based on needs and market requirements


The quality policy statement of the Certification Body

1.Certification Body consistently adheres to the principle of impartiality in the scope of  its certification activities
2.Certification Body adheres to the principle of freeing the top management, employees and collaborators from any commercial or other interests that could call into question the impartiality and objectivity of the certification decision
3.Certification Body has created the rules for the activities of related bodies to ensure the objectivity and impartiality performance of the certification
4.Decision relating to the granting, maintaining, extending, reducing, suspending and withdrawing of the certification is the exclusive responsibility of the Certification Body and the leadership of the certification section.
5. Certification activity is provided through highly qualified personnel in accordance with all requirements of the relevant standards and documented processes and procedures.
6. The certification is a service provided to the customer in order to give him the added value and meet his expectation.  


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